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How To Set A Screen In Basketball

How To Set A Screen In Basketball

A screen, also called a "pick", is a legal block set by an offensive player on the side of or behind a defender in order to free a teammate to take a shot or receive a pass. Become every teammates' best friend by following these steps to perfect screens.

Step 1: Down Picks

A screen is a legal action by an offensive player who, without moving, impedes an opponent from reaching their desired position by getting in their way. A down pick is when a player on the wing cuts down to the post to set a screen for his teammate who will then slash up to the perimeter to potentially receive a pass. When you set the screen you mush first set a solid base by spreading your feet wide and slightly bending the knees. Keep your hands visible so that the ref can see that you are not illegally holding the defensive player. Focus on the hip of the defender as your target area to plant your screen. Your teammate will then slide off of your screen, leaving their defender behind. It's imperative that your teammate comes close as possible to you on the screen. After you set a screen look to receive a possible pass, you will be surprised to find how many times you are free after setting a screen.

Step 2: Back Screens

Back screens are set just like down picks, except they are accomplished in opposite order. The pick comes from below the basket to the perimeter. Then the player can peel off towards the basket for an easy backdoor basket.