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How To Set A Table

How To Set A Table

Setting a table is a work of art which requires patience and knowledge. It should make it easy for the person to eat properly using the proper cutlery. This is where this video showing you east steps to set a table helps you to know where to keep each cutlery.

Hi, I am Charlie, and this is Phil. We are at the Merchandise at Johnny Locke Street. We are going to show you how to set the table.

With the table to start we have got the soup spoon,and then working in which you have got your main knife and fork and your desert spoon and fork. And your bread knife should be to your left with your napkin and your side plate. And we have glasses, you have your water glass and your white wine glass, and always have salt and pepper on the table.

So we are going to show you how to lay one. So you have your centre plate, your side plate to the left, soup spoon, your main knife, your dessert spoon, your dessert fork, and your main fork. And if you keep your cutlery away from a thumb in an inch, which is about your thumb from the edge of the table, it will always look neat.

And then last for your napkin and your bread knife to the left. And that's how you set the table.