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How To Set Up A Bench Vise

How To Set Up A Bench Vise

The simplest task of cutting a piece of wood can be quite tricky. Using these steps on how to use different bench vices, this video will help you to effectively improve your basic carpentry skills.

Today, we're using the vice. I've got two different types of vices here, a traditional metal vice. This has got a handle there that you can unscrew.

It's roughly the size you need. If I'm cutting a piece of wood like that, that should be about right, I'll put that in, hold it in place, and then clamp it and it's nice and solid there. If you're clamping something that's fragile, you might want to put a piece of cardboard on each side or a piece of rubber, like this kind of rubber that fits onto this one.

This one, you can just slide it on, it comes with it. This is a quick clamp. It's the same family as this quick grip clamp and the way it works is you open it up to roughly the size that you need.

If I clamped this pipe over here, I'll put it together like that. I'll push that in and then I give it a final screw, ready to cut. Now I'm going to show you this in action, how we clamp it.

So, this clamps very useful because it's very quick. You just push it in and then twist with your hand, which is just as secure as this metal one, and then I can just saw away. And then to release it, I just unscrew and it comes out.

And also, this, with the edge of my hammer, can be taken off and stored away nicely. So, all I've got permanently on the bench is this little base here. It's a very space efficient vice.

That's how we use a bench vice. .