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How To Set Up A Buffet Table

How To Set Up A Buffet Table

A short video about how to set a buffet table, from place settings to where to put the food and how to set up access to the table.

Hi, I'm Charlie and this is Phil and we're visual merchandisers. We're going to show you how to set a buffet table. The easiest thing to do is have your cutlery and your napkin easily at hand for your guests.

Next your plates. So if you pick up a plate you can go along and go from savoury into sweet. You'll also have your water jugs and your glasses.

This buffet table can be accessed from all angles, otherwise you can have a buffet table just from one side. So we have a large salad bowl for your salad and then the large plate for your cold cuts then going along. Also, your large fruit bowl and also your cake stand with all of the sweeter items on it.

You can also decorate the table with some flowers, and that's how you lay a buffet table.