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How To Set Up A Profile On Facebook

How To Set Up A Profile On Facebook

This film gives you a guide to setting up a profile on Facebook. Join the phenomenon of Facebook and interact freely through the Internet.

Step 1: Register

First up go to www.facebook.com. In the top right of the screen on the blue task bar, click on 'Register'. You'll be taken to a registration screen. Put in your name, select what it is you do - i.e. are you a student? Next enter a valid email address. This is so that face book can contact you for confirmation of your registration and in future send you updates from your profile. Next enter a password of your choice and your birthday. Then enter the weird text you see in the security check into the text box beneath it. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click 'Register now'.

Step 2: Confirm email

Facebook will now tell you it has sent a confirmation email to your email account. You must now login to your email. Open the confirmation email from Facebook, click on the link it provides and it will take you to you new Facebook profile.

Step 3: Find friends

You'll now have to go through a series of steps to personalise your profile. First, face book will offer to scour your email address book for people who are on face book who you can invite to be your friends. Simply enter your email address and password, and face book will find your friends. Select the ones you want to add by ticking the boxes to the left of their pictures, and then click 'add to friends' at the bottom. Then you'll be able to choose friends from your email address book who aren't on face book and send an email to them inviting them to join up and be your friend.

Step 4: Find classmates

Click on 'Find my classmates'. First select the country, city, and the name of your school, and the class year. If you are searching for a specific person, type in their name. Click 'Search for classmates'. Now select anyone you recognise or want as a friend add click 'Add to friends'. Sometimes when you add a friend, you'll have to write the text from the security box into the text box to confirm. You can also search by your college or university by putting in the name of the college, the year, and a classmate name if you like.

Step 5: Find workmates

Click on 'Search for your co-workers'. Write the name of the company you are looking for and the name of the employee if necessary. The click 'Search for co-workers' to see who Facebook can find.

Step 6: Join a regional network

You cannot view other people's profiles if you are not you are friends with each other unless you are both in the same regional network. Joining a regional network means it's easier to track down friends. On your Facebook setup homepage, there is the option to enter a city or town. Put in your home city and click 'Join'.

Step 7: Edit profile: Basic

Next click on 'My profile'. You'll see that there all the sections are empty. Click 'Edit' and you will be enter personal details about yourself. To begin with enter your basic details. Select your sex, whether you are interested in men or women, your relationship status, and what you are on face book for. You can state 'Friendship', 'Dating', 'A relationship', and if you're feeling fruity - 'Random play' or 'Whatever I can get'. Next select your birthday, hometown, state (if you live in one) and describe your religious views. Once you are happy, click 'save changes'. Don't forget, you can always go back and edit your details whenever you want.

Step 8: Contact

Next click on 'Contact' in the tabs bar. Here you can add a screen name that people will see when they view your profile. If you like, you can enter your phone number. Remember, Facebook is public, so think before you enter certain personal information. Only your friends will be able to view it though. You can also enter your address and city of residence. If you live in the states, you can stick in your state. Also put in your website, if you have one. Then click 'Save chang