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How To Set Up Kinect

How To Set Up Kinect

Here, you get step-by-step instructions on how to connect your X-Box 360 Kinect controller. You find out where to hook up each cable and you get a demonstration on how to start using the Kinect controller.

I'm going to tell you how to set up Kinect for your X-Box 360. Now, Kinect is the controller for Microsoft where you can play games without having to use a controller. You just simply stand in front of the camera and you can gesture with your arms and limbs and it can see what you're doing and you can control in-game characters.

What you'll find when you open your Kinect is a variety of different connections. Now, you need to plug these into your 360 console. How the set-up works depends whether you have the new 360 slim consoles or the original ones.

If you have an original console, you'll need to use the power plug that plugs into the USB port, then plugs into the 360. If you've got an X-Box Slim, the console can power the Kinect controller itself so, you don't need that power plug. As you're setting up your Kinect controller, this is the plug you have for the end of the lead.

Now, this plugs straight into the slim version of the X-Box 360 simply as that. On the old, original X-Box 360, you need to use the additional cable that came with you Kinect controller and that draws power from the pain console and then, feeds that into the 360 and you plug it in to the rear USB port here. So, I'm going to start the process of setting up Kinect.

Now, we've got everything plugged in. So, this is the point where you need to put your controller down and stand up in front of the fencer. It will then, use the camera calibration, the microphone calibration, and the speaker calibration to control things from here on.

So here, I've stood in front of the Kinect controller and you can see on the screen that it's already detecting my limb movements. It's asking me to wave to start the set up process, which I'll do. The first choice we've got of these two options but, rather than use your controller to make them, you simply raise your hand.

Hover over the one you want. Wait for the circle to complete and that's the selection done. I can now choose a starting avatar for my Kinect game, just the same way and, again, click done by holding my hand up, waiting for the circle to complete.

So, this is a tutorial guide that introduces anybody to playing Kinect. So, with Kinect set up, I can start and play my games without having to touch the controller. There are two ways to do this on this screen.

You can raise your hand a wave and then, use the menus by moving the hand around on the screen or you can simply talk to your 360 X-Box Kinect. If the X-Box Kinect controller has heard what I've said, then it's taking me to the game screen and I want to start playing my game, Kinect Sports. Here we are.

So, to start a game, as I've just been told on the screen, you just raise your hand above your head. So, here I'm going to choose this avatar to start playing. So, that's how to set up Kinect. .