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How To Set Up Xbox 360 Live

How To Set Up Xbox 360 Live

Want to play with your friends on Xbox Live? Having trouble connecting your Xbox 360 to the network? This VideoJug film provides a step-by-step guideline on how to connect your Xbox 360 to the Xbox Live network. In less than 3 minutes, you'll be playing with your friends on one of the largest multiplayer networks today!

Hi, I'm Rene Millman, editor of Absolute Gadget, and today I'll be talking about the Xbox 360. In this video, we'll be showing you how to set up Xbox 360 Live. We have the Xbox 360 live.

If you want to play multiplayer games with people around the world, you will need to connect to the Xbox Live network. You can do that by your home router or a laptop or a desktop. Now, assuming that you have an internet connection that you've checked by your laptop or desktop, the next thing is to physically connect your Xbox 360 to the router, and once you are sure you have an internet connection, then you can go to your system settings on the Xbox.

You need to then go to your Xbox and go to the menu and under my Xbox here, you just flip across here to system settings, select A. Go down here to network settings select A again, and configure network. Just make sure these are automatic, that normally is the best setting if you've got an internet router that uses DHTP, which is transfer dynamic codes to configuration protocol.

Just go in there, that's automatic. That's automatic as well. Come, and then you go back from there and you can test your Xbox live connection by pressing A, and it will go through and look for the network.

Once it's found the network, it will try to connect to the internet and once it connects to the internet, it will then try to connect to Xbox live. If after that you're still finding difficulties in connecting your Xbox 360 to the Xbox 360 live network, you may want to check with your Broadband provider, if they allow connectivity to the Xbox live network; and that's how you set up Xbox 360 Live. .