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How To Setup Sony PlayStation 3

How To Setup Sony PlayStation 3

This film will get you playing your new Sony PlayStation 3 in no time. Learn how to setup the cables, controllers, and power cord so you can get playing the Playstation as soon as possible.

Step 1: You Will Need

Sony PS3
Your TV
the right connector cables
a wall outlet
some snacks. Maybe a taco or something.

Step 2: Placement

Situate the console on a place that is level, flat, and out of reach of small children. Seriously, you paid a lot of money for this, why let them pillage it? Just make sure it's within two feet of your TV.

Step 3: Find The Right Cable

If you are using a regular TV, use the AV connector that came with the PS3. If you are using an HDTV, you will have to choose which cable that is compatible with your TV—the Component AV cable, or the HDMI cable.

Step 4: Plug In Cables

For standard TVs, insert the Yellow plug from the AV connector into the “Video Input” of your TV. The White and Red plugs go into the “Audio Left” and “Audio Right” inputs, respectively. The colors of the plugs should match the ones on your TV set. Connect the other end of the AV connector into the “Multi-Out Connector” in the rear of the console.
-For HDTV, if you're using the Component AV connector, hookup the Red and RedWhite audio plugs the same way as before, and use the Blue, Green, and Red-tipped plugs to connect into the “Component” input.
Connect the other end of the cable into the “Multi-Out Connector” in the rear of the console.

Step 5: Plug In Power Cord

The power adapter goes into the rear of the console, and the plug goes in the wall socket. Turn the unit on.

Step 6: Hook Up Controllers

The wireless controllers must first be first wired in with the provided USB cable so they can be paired together before they can become wireless. So go ahead and plug them in. Now the numbered lights on the controller will begin to flash. Assign a number to your controller. PS3 will allow up to 7 controllers at once! After your controller has been fully charged, you can disconnect the USB cable and play wirelessly.

Step 7: Play With It

Insert a game disc into the front slot. After the game loads, follow the instructions to start playing.