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How To Sew A Baby Hat With Ears

How To Sew A Baby Hat With Ears

What's cuter than a baby? A baby in a little hat with ears! Videojug have teamed up with sewing demon Zoe Edwards to show you how to make this essential baby accessory

Step 1: The Fabric

Any type of fabric will work, but ideally it will be slightly stretchy. Lay your chosen fabric out on a flat surface, make a series of marks 36 cm in from the straight edge, and another series of marks 25cm up from the bottom edge. Cut along the marks leaving you with a rectangle of fabric.

Step 2: Sew

Fold the rectangle in half lengthways. Hold the edges together by inserting pins at right angles, this will make it easier to remove the pins as you sew. With your machine set on a running stitch, sew a seam roughly 1cm in from the edge, running a few stitches back and forth at either end will seal the seams. Trim away any excess thread.

Pin together the top edges of the fabric, and sew a seam 1 cm in, just as before. You have now created the basic hat shape.

Cut off the top corners taking care not to cut through the seam. This will stop the final ear shape from looking too bulky.

Turn the hat inside out. Use a pin to pull the corners all the way out.

Step 3: Hem

Make a series of marks 1cm up from the bottom of the hat, fold the fabric up to that mark and press with iron to hold the crease.

Turn up another 7cm to create a deep hem, and press again. Pin in place and sew all the way around.

Step 4: Ears

Pinch a corner together to form an ear shape, play around with it a bit to get the look you want. hand sew a couple of stitches to hold in place. Do exactly the same with the second ear.

And there you have your babies hat, complete with adorable ears.