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How To Sew A Drawstring Bag

How To Sew A Drawstring Bag

Make sewing a hobby by learning how to sew a drawstring bag. These quick steps shown in this video will teach you the art of sewing. Also, pick up a few tips and enjoy the experience of sewing.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to make a drawstring bag. For this drawstring bag, I've cut two pieces of 25 cm x 25 cm squares, and today, you need measuring tape, some chalk to mark your fabric there, and then scissors, and then ribbon. You have to bring ribbon or cords to get these for drawstring.

To start, I would fold a 0.5 seam and maybe use the iron to give it a little press, so that would be easier for sewing later. And then, fold it again, that will be a 1.

5 cm seam, and again, use your iron to actually give it a press to ease your sewing and then, repeat the same for the other piece as well. And this is quite an easy way of inserting the cord or ribbon, and what we do is we place the ribbon closest to the folded seam, and to make sure the ribbon is in place, we'll take some pins and pin the ribbon to the two seams, so you can see it's right to the edge, so when you're doing sewing, you've got more than 1 cm away from the seam that you can sew. So, we'll start sewing, two stitches forward, two stitches backwards, to that, and then to start sewing for this, we're using a 1.

5 cm seam. Once you finish sewing one side of the square, place the other square, overlapping the ribbon again, then, pin the ribbon in place and then start sewing again. Once you have finished sewing, finish off the other square, place the right side and right side facing each other, making sure the top edges are up together, and then all we're going to do, we're going to do a 1 cm seam, I'll do it around in a U-shape and with that, we'll finish it off.

So, once you come to the end, cut your threads off, and to give you really sharp, nice neat corners, cut the excess fabric from the corners from both sides. Then turn your bag inside out, and then just tuck your corners out, so you've got nice sharp, clean corners. And that's how you make your drawstring bag. .