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How To Sew A Purse

How To Sew A Purse

How to Sew a Purse: Roz Davies of the shop "Sew Much Fun" shows you how to sew together a cute little purse using fabric, a zipper, and a sewing machine.

Hi, I'm Roz, I'm the owner of "Sew Much Fun" where I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing. Now I'm going to show you how to make one of my favorite projects, and that is making a little purse with a lining. Again, you want to choose the cutest fabric you can possibly find.

This is the cutest fabric I could find in my shop, cupcakes. And we're going to use a metal zip because it's a purse and you want a nice strong zip. To cut your purse shape out, you want to cut the fabric the same length as the zip and then however deep you want the purse to be.

To begin with, I've cut the outer fabric and I've cut the lining fabric the same size and then I have ironed over one of the longer edges, on both the lining and the outer. So what we're going to do is we're basically going to slip the zip, trap it inside those two layers and then I'm going to pin this because it's all nice on the flat and I'm happy to sew this without tacking it first. Again, I've put the zip foot onto my machine.

Going to stitch from the flat end first this time. When I'm doing zips on the flat, I always sew from the bottom up. I'm going to sew a few stitches, sometimes your machine doesn't quite like starting on zips but just lever it over.

And here we go, we're going to stitch this through. Now the top fabric is stretching a little bit longer than the bottom, but that doesn't matter because I'm just going to stitch straight through, back stitch at the end. And again.

And there I've got my zip sewn in. Then I get to take my zipper foot off and go back to my normal foot, my needle back in the middle. I'm going to undo my zip halfway, because I'm going to sew my purse together.

Going to line up this side. I'm going to stitch around my purse. I'm going to trim all the bulk of my seams away, and to neaten it off with zig-zag on the inside.

And then because I've left my zip halfway open, I can easily get in, undo the rest, and flip my little purse through. There, I have a lovely little lined cupcake purse.