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How To Sew A Wallet

How To Sew A Wallet

This Videojug video teaches you how to create a nice little wallet to carry credit cards or other cards. The fold over leather wallet will wow each time you whip it out to pay a charge.

Hi, I'm Roz. I'm the owner of Sew Much Fun, where I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing. I'm going to show you how to make a little wallet that you can keep your credit cards in, or your Oyster Card.

What I recommend for this kind of project is a fabric that won't fray. So, that is really either a felt fabric or, as I've got here, some leather fabric. And what I've cut out is, I've cut out 10 cm by 14 cm, and then two little pieces, again, about 10 cm by about 5 cm.

And all we're going to do, because this doesn't fray, is we can just stitch directly on top of here. I've also cut out a little tab here, because that I'm going to catch in this side, here, because when it's folded together, it's going to come out round here, and link to the button there, that we're going to sew on at the end. So, leather is not so easy to pin at all, so we're going to have to hold it and manage it at the foot, here.

But, it is basically with my nice sides on the outside, I'm going to do a nice, straight stitch just around, to hold these little pieces in place. It feels a bit different, working with leather, but it works very well. So again, my needle down.

I put my foot down. We'll come down, and catch a little. So then, you sew your button on, and then you cut a hole for your button, and that's your little wallet.