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How To Sew A Zip

How To Sew A Zip

A zipper can be sewn in quickly, and invisibly, by following the instructions in this video tutorial. In fewer than five minutes, each step is thoroughly explained and visually demonstrated. You won't believe how easy it is!

Hi. I'm Roz, and I'm the owner of Sew Much Fun. I have been sewing since the age of six.

It was my best subject at school, and I followed through and studied at London College of Fashion. I've now had at least thirty years experience in the clothing industry, and I've now decided to open my own shop, to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing, and all my designs. I'm now going to show you how to insert a zip.

Now, I would always recommend that you always hand-tack your zip in first, but on this occasion, because we're trying to do it quickly, I'm going to just do it by pinning. First of all, you sew your seam. Now this an ordinary zip that we're going to sew in.

Sew your seam up, so you've got the gap for your zip. And then you iron your seam so it's nice and flat. That enables you to lay your zip behind, underneath the seam, and line up your folded edge with the centre of the zip.

And then we're going to do the same on the other side, and with this kind of zip, we're not going to see the zip, hopefully. We're going to line that up. So there, I've pinned my zip in nice and flat at the back, flat at the front, and I can't really see my zipper at all.

And it's now at this stage that I would definitely hand-sew my zip in, so when actually sewing it on the machine, I'm not navigating around the pins. My zipper foot's much narrower, so I'm going to put my zipper foot on, and on this machine, I immediately have to move my needle. So I'm going to basically sew down one side, come across the bottom, and sew back up the other.

But if you see, where you've got your little zipper puller, you don't want to stitch around. You want a nice straight line down the zip, so to begin with, we're going to pull our zipper puller down and we're going to sew a nice straight seam. And again, I'm going to go backwards because I don't want the zip to fall out.

So I want it nice and even. So again, I'm looking to do this as straight as I possibly can. Whenever I stop, I want to put my needle down and pull my clamp up.

I'm going to pull that zipper up out of the way, so it's never going to destroy my straight line. I'm going to come nice, evenly down, and now I've got to the bottom of my zip, put my needle in and spin around. Better come across the bottom.

I'm going to count one, two to the middle, and so I do another two stitches to the next one. I just want to make sure I put my needle back in that hole, and then I'm going to come up the other side. And again, I get towards the puller.

I want to put my needle down and I want to press the foot up and zip the puller out of the way. And then come straight up the top. And there you are.

You have a nice zip. .