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How To Sew Bust Darts

How To Sew Bust Darts

There are lots of stitches and sewing techniques to learn. The video brings you the dot technique, which is mainly used for fitting and shaping.

Now, I'm going to show you how to sew a dot. The dot is something that's put in a garment to add shaping so the most frequent place of find one is on the bust. The bust dot adds shaping to flat piece of fabric over the bust or also on the waist and at the back.

So you might find it that the dress has bust dots, front and back waist dots as well. They all use the same method of construction. So I have got my fabric here.

This is the edge, I got two notches that mark were my and dot need to be folded. So if this was my open piece this could be the side of my side sewing. So this is a bust start I start by putting my right side of the fabric together which means the printed side is going to show on the out side.

I line up my notches at the top so that it together. Okay. Now my dot, you have it marked on your commercial pattern where your dot is to end.

So you can mark that from your pattern either with tailor's chalk or with the pin. This is just an example so I'm going to sew my dot finishes there. To make it easier for you, you could then draw the line that you need to sew, so that means you can sew without worrying but you're sewing in the right way.

So I'm going to take a ruler and go from the top edge of the dot down to the point. This is where I'm going to sew, so I'm going to give myself a nice line to work with obviously, this is tailor's chalk so it does brush off the rule, so working from the wrong side so its doesn't matter. So I'm going to keep that pin actually so it helps me see where I'm going.

And we're now going to sew all the way down the dot start by reversing and then come down and this is the only time when you don't reverse at the end, you got to stitch of the edge and then we're going to knot those threads together. The reason why is if you reverse at that fine point, you end up with that little bulb bulky point rather than a nice flat point that goes into nothing. Now I take it to my machine line it up so I start to the right angle for my nice pink line to follow and the way we go and then we reverse and just so you see what I'm doing this line here which is where the needle goes in and making sure that my chalk line feeds into that.

So it's going into the center of my pressing foot. Nice and slowly, so you have better control and then off the edge I come, almost threads out and now we need to separate those two and tie a double knot to secure my stitching. You can trim of these threads if there is any more.

And that's how you sew a dot. Now the next thing you need to do is press it with the iron first start of by pressing it from the back. Always press your sewed dots to the side seams.

So I'm going to press it so that way then I'll turn it over and with my iron, make sure that I'm pressing it completely open down into nothing. And that's how you sew a dot. .