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How To Sew Buttonholes

How To Sew Buttonholes

This Videojug video explains how to sew a buttonhole on an automatic sewing machine. It's so easy!

Hi I'm Roz, I'm the owner of Sew Much Fun, where I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing. Now I'm going to show you how to do a buttonhole on a sewing machine. Now every sewing machine will manage the way it does buttonholes in slightly different ways.

I'm going to show you just fundamental ways of how to do a button hole on a sewing machine. On this Machine we have a very special foot here but we have to measure the size of the buttonhole, between the two red marks. Again, I'm sure on all machines you have to measure off your button first.

Do not do button holes before you know what buttons you're going to use, because I can guarantee you'll end up doing the wrong size. So you check for the size. You then would always do a test button.

Whatever you're doing, you would do that. And on this machine we're going to do it, we'll press on to number ten, that's our buttonhole stitch. We're going to hold our threads out of the way because we don't want them getting involved, and we're going to let the stitch do it's buttonhole stitch.

When these two red marks meet, I'm going to press my backward button that tells it to go backwards. And then it continues through the cycle of the buttonhole. Now this machine has an automatic buttonhole, but some machines, on each stage you need to re-put it to a different stage.

So there it's finished it's buttonhole, and then using a sharp pair of scissors, you need to cut down the middle of your buttonhole. Don't use a seam-ripper, as often is said in books, because a seam-ripper could so easily cut through the edge of your buttonhole and then you check that your button fits. And that's a nice fit for that buttonhole.

So that is how you make a buttonhole on an automatic buttonhole machine.