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How To Sew In A Lining

How To Sew In A Lining

This Videojug film is designed to show you some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of clothing repairs and alterations. By trying these methods on sewing a lining, you will give your clothes a neat finish.

I will be showing you how to sew in a lining. This is a jacket where the lining has come free at the bottom edge and I am just going to put some pins to hold this in position. I am setting my pins quite a long way from the edge because I need to create a little bit of space to do my stitching so that you can't see it along that edge there.

And then, I will be sewing this in white, just say you can see my stitching, but I would normally sew this in a matching colour. I want to stitch and kind of take the edge and fold it away so that I am stitching underneath, not all the way through my lining, so that I get a nice flap and that's a really nice flap finish. So, I am just going to start by going into the body of the jacket and doing a couple of back stitches just to secure my start and then with my thumb, I am just rolling the outer way and I am taking a little bit of the jacket and sliding along a little bit of the lining and it's called the slip stitch, a little bit of the jacket but not all the way through to the front and then sliding along in the lining.

So, I will just be readjusting my finger position to get a little role in the lining as I got a low. So, when you come to the end, just do backstitch into the body of the jacket finish. Snip that off and remove all the pins and then we would lightly press the edge, give a nice finish, but what happens is the jacket can slide back and forth along of your body's movement and your stitches are all invisible inside that fold.

And that's how to sew a lining. .