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How To Sew Jeans

How To Sew Jeans

How to sew a pair of jeans and make them look good and make them fit tighter like as brand new.

I'm Rudy and I work for Sonofastag. Sonofastag works for different denim jeans brands around the world as consultants and has a store in London. We're going to show you how to look after jeans and get the best from them.

I'm going to show you how to sew jeans. It's very very simple when you sew jeans there are different machines you can use, working from home with a normal sewing machine there are certain jobs you can do on a pair of jeans that you perhaps do in daily life, could be that you want to repair a jean where you put a fabric inside and you simply sew around on the fabric so make sure the fabric is actually pinned perhaps you can use a bigger piece of fabric then you need. On the inside, pin it and obviously sew it around and you may want to make different designs on it.

It could be the repair on the inside where the actual hem on the inside may wear so the side seems its coming away. What you do is simply turn it inside out and try not to use more fabric that's been used before, when you make the jeans tighter, you pinch it and put it through the sewing machine again and it's better not to undo the original stitching. It's actually better to override it and go side by side next to it and simply put it through the sewer.

And there are not many other reasons why you want to sew jeans other than patches. When you're doing patches, we ask that you do them on the inside but there are some people who want it on the outside. If you do it on the outside, make sure that you fold the fabric and then sew over it so it folds the fabric on to the jean.

Sewing from the inside is a little bit better its easy to handle roll up the jean put the fabric on the inside place with pins if you need to so around it undo the pins. And this is how you sew a pair of jeans. .