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How To Sew Pleats

How To Sew Pleats

This video shows us how to make two kind of pleats, firstly knife pleats and secondly inverted pleats.

Hi, I am Rose and I know you're having so much fun . I have been sewing since the age of 6. It was my best subject in school and I followed through and studied at the London College of Fashion.

I have now had at least 30 years of experience in the clothing industry and I have now decided to open my own shop to share my knowledge and enthusiasm. I am going to show you how to make some pleats. Now, there are many types of pleats and I am just going to give an introduction to the basics of pleats.

Pleats very much folds the fabric, so you sew the folds together. So whether you're following a pattern or making your own, you need to mark where the pleats are going to be. The first pleats I am going to show are the knife pleats, so what I have done here on the piece of fabric is I have marked 3 cm gaps, and I am going to fold on one here and then fold back.

So I then I am going to pin that one in place, so you can see the pleats there, and then I am going to fold the next one. Again, I just fold that there and that there, and that one there. So there I have got it folded together, so what I do is before I am going to sew it to something else I want to hold the stitches, the pleats in place.

So again I am going to stitch about a cm from my cut edge here, so I am going to sew again, and a back stitch for this. You just want to make sure it will stay in place. And then I am going to show you by sewing on plain fabric above my pleat at the normal 15 mm allowance, you can then see the pleats sewed in.

Another kind of pleat I would like to show you is inverted pleats, again I have marked off 3 cm blocks, particularly a big slit on the centre block. And this one I am folding it to the centre, so one that way and another this way. Again, I am just going to secure the top of it in place before I actually sew on to anything else.

So that's my inverted pleat. Those are two very basic types of pleats. .