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How To Sew Ruffles

How To Sew Ruffles

Thanks to this five minute tutorial explaining how while demonstrating the process stitch by stitch, you'll never again be frightened to tackle a sewing project that includes ruffles.

Hi. I'm Roz, and I'm the owner of Sew Much Fun. I have been sewing since the age of six.

It was my best subject at school and I followed through and studied at London College of Fashion. I've now had at least thirty years experience in the clothing industry, and I've now decided to open my own shop, to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing, and all my designs. I'm going to show you how to make some ruffles, or some gathers, in your seam.

Now you get this around skirts, around cushions, all sorts of applications for ruffles. The first thing we need to do is to prepare a couple of rows of stitching for which we're going to draw the fabric up on, and we do this by making a stitch which is normally two and a half millimetres long to five millimetres long. And we do that by changing the dial on our machine to allow us to do that.

And this time, I am not going to backstitch at the beginning. I'm just going to stitch, and you'll see that my stitch is much longer and I'm doing it quite close to the edge. In fact, I'm stitching a foot-width away.

Again, I'm not going to backstitch at the end. I'm just going to leave a bit of thread and cut it off. And then I'm going to do another row, just completely parallel with this row.

Now, this creates the drawstring for my ruffling. Now the next thing you need to do is you need to secure the ends of your threads. I'm going to pull my threads through.

So what I'm doing is I'm pulling my thread, seeing the thread loop come from underneath and then pulling it through, so I've got both bits of thread on this side. I'm going to wrap all those four ends around that needle. This allows me, if something goes wrong with the gathering on the other end, to always come back and retrieve this end.

Then I pick up either the two threads that are closest to this end, or the two threads that are furthest away, and I pull. And by pulling, you can see how my ruffles or gathers start to take place. And I've got some fabric I've prepared earlier.

So I want to get that about the same size as this. So again, now I am going to use some pins to pin that down, secure it down there. Then I'm going to even out my gathers so they're nice and even along that edge.

Again a couple more pins just to secure that in place. And then I'm going to stitch again. This is my secure line of stitching now.

I've just got to get rid of those threads, take them to the side and stitch along the second row that I stitched originally, so I'm catching in all those lovely gathers or ruffles. There you've got your lovely gathers or ruffles. And depending on your design, you might have more ruffles in there or you might have less, or you might have a longer piece or you might have a shorter piece.