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How To Sew Seams Together

How To Sew Seams Together

Expert knitter Rachel Ong shows you how to sew the seams of a knitted garment together. All you need is a yarn, a yarn needle, and then sewing the seams together is easy when you do it the VideoJug way.

Step 1: You will need

  • Two seams you wish to join
  • A length of yarn
  • A yarn needle

Step 2: Preparation

Place the edges next to each other, rows matching each other, row for row.

Use pins to hold your knitted piece together.

Find the seams you will be joining and pin the seams together to hold them in place.

Measure enough yarn, roughly three times the length of the edge of the seam you wish to sew.

Step 3: Sewing the seams together

Starting at one end, sew in a zigzag fashion through the knot of each row, alternating from edge to edge.

At the end of the seam, pull the work together so that it is firmly held but not too tight.

Finally, weave in all your ends to create a perfect finished piece.