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How To Sew Sequins

How To Sew Sequins

It'll be a breeze to decorate your sewing projects with sequins using either of two techniques demonstrated in this video. Thanks to the expertise of your video tutor, Roz Davies, three minutes is all it takes to master both.

Hi. I'm Roz, and I'm the owner of Sew Much Fun. I've been sewing since the age of six.

It was my best subject at school, and I followed through and studied at London College of Fashion. I've now had at least thirty years experience in the clothing industry, and I've now decided to open my own shop to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing, and all my designs. I'm just going to show you how you can sew sequins on.

There are two methods that I'm going to show you: one where you see some of the thread, and the other way, you don't. Now, whenever you're sewing anything on by hand like this, you want to cast on, because you really want to be using a single thread. You don't want to be working with a knot.

You're going to do a few little stitches on top of one another, to make sure that your thread isn't going to come undone. Then your first way of doing a sequin, is you're going to bring a thread up through the middle of your sequin, and then you're going to stitch straight down by the edge. So you're holding it on one side, and then you're going to come back up through the middle again, and then you're going to come back down the other side.

So it's holding the sequin in place with two little stitches like that. Now the other way of sewing on a sequin, is to add on a bead. So we're going to come again up through the middle of the sequin, but this time we're going to choose a little bead that we got to match the sequin, and then we're going to come back down through the sequin.

And then that sequin is held on, but it's held on by the size of the bead. And then to finish off, because you don't want these to come off, you need to do a few little stitches at the back to make sure that none of your threads are going to come off. And then you can cut the thread.

And that's two little ways of sewing on a sequin.