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How To Share Songs Using Your Zune's Wi-Fi

How To Share Songs Using Your Zune's Wi-Fi

One of your Zune's coolest features is its ability to share songs wirelessly with other Zune's. For some reason, some folks call this "squirting." So, squirt your friends. Here's how.

Step 1: Select A Song

Choose "Music" from your Zune's main menu, and scroll through to find the song of your choice hit the center button of your control pad to select it, and choose send from the song menu.

Step 2: Squirt Somebody

Your Zune will automatically bring up all other Zunes nearby. Select your friend's Zune and the songs will be copied over temporarily. That's right, to keep things legit, you can share each song sent this way for three plays or three days, whichever comes first.