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How To Shave With Olive Oil

How To Shave With Olive Oil

Are you a little sensitive? The chemicals in commercial shaving creams and lotions may dry out and irritate your skin. Imagine the money you would save if you didn't have to buy shaving cream or lotion. Follow these easy steps to find out how to make and use an all-natural and organic shaving lotion from olive oil.

Step 1: You will need

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A razor

Step 2: Choose Your Oil

Olive oil contains Vitamin I and is a natural antioxidant so it's great for your skin. The best choice for shaving is extra virgin olive oil. You should avoid pure and light olive oil as they have been chemically processed.

Step 3: A Little Goes A Long Way

Pour out a little olive oil into your hands and rub into your skin. In addition to being a great energizer for your skin, olive oil is a great lubricant and will protect your skin from nicks and cuts while you shave. Since the oil is naturally moisturizing your skin, you won't need to apply any aftershave lotion when you're finished shaving.

Step 4: Don't Get Rusty

Once you're finished shaving, you can help preserve the life of your razor and prevent it from rusting easily by dipping it into olive oil. The oil will lubricate the metal and naturally protect the surface. Done.

Step 5: Done.