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How To Shave Your Back Yourself

How To Shave Your Back Yourself

A thick patch of hair on a man's head is always coveted. A hairy chest? Hey there, hot stuff! But a hairy back? Ewww. You could ask your mom to shave your back. Or your girlfriend...Not! With a handy dandy do-it-yourself shaver, VideoJug will show how you can confidently rid yourself of nasty back hair - all by yourself!

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

Step 2: Clean Your Back

Make sure your back is clean and dry before attempting to use the Mangroomer.

The optimal time to use your electric shaver is right before taking a shower or a bath.

Step 3: Use A Mirror

Take a look at your back and check out the areas of unwanted hair. If available, the use of a hand held mirror over the shoulder or a three-way mirror will also work well.

Step 4: Time To Mangroom

Open up your Mangroomer to its maximum 135 degrees and switch it on.

Holding the shaver above your shoulder like a backscratcher, begin shaving at the top of your shoulders.

Move the shaver in an up and down motion, while attempting to keep the entire surface area of shaver blade in contact with your shoulders.

Step 5: Reach For Your Back

To reach farther down to your lower back, push the silver button on the handle. This will lock the handle into place at the length you want it.

Change the position of the Mangroomer and move the shaver under the arm for a different angle and to reach the middle and the side of you back more easily.

Use side to side movements and shave any unwanted hair from this angle.

Step 6: The Finishing Touches

Inspect your back and repeat any shaving to remove any stray hairs. Unlike wet shaving, no moisturizers or creams are needed or recommended.