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How To Shoot A Jump Shot In Basketball

How To Shoot A Jump Shot In Basketball

The jump shot is the most common shot in basketball. It allows the offense to score on the move by jumping and extending the shot over the defenders. 12-Year NBA veteran and former three-point ace Tracy Murray teaches the finer points of the shot in these simple steps.

Step 1: Best The D

When you are shooting off the dribble you want to read the defense. Whatever the defense gives you that's the way you want to dribble and pull up for your jump shot.
To get open, make some kind of fake - whether it's a jab fake or a pump fake towards the basket like you're going to shoot the ball. When your defender leans that way, take off in the opposite direction.

Step 2: Square Up And Shoot

No matter how twisted and contorted your lower body may be, you must make sure to square up your upper body towards the basket. Let the power for your shot come from your legs as they are much stronger than your arms. Let your arms guide the basketball as you rise up and over your defender. Keeping your elbow in so that it forms an "L" release the basketball from your fingertips creating backspin on the ball. Focus on your shooting spot; either the back of the rim, just over the lip of the rim, or for a section of the backboard.

Step 3: Follow Through

After you have released the ball, you should keep your hand extended as if you are grabbing the rim. This will allow you to develop a consistent stroke on your jumper. Once you come back down to the floor do your best to box out your man and grab an offensive rebound if possible.