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How To Shoot Three-Pointers In Basketball

How To Shoot Three-Pointers In Basketball

During Tracy Murray's 12-year NBA career, he was known as one of the most lethal three-point shooters in the league. He once scored 50 points in a game and won an NBA Championship with the Houston Rockets in 1995. Follow these steps to learn how to knock down the three-pointer like a pro.

Step 1: Spot Up

To learn how to shoot the three-pointer, you must first know the basic fundamentals of how to shoot in general. Catch the basketball behind the three-point line and square up to the basket in the triple threat position.

Step 2: Catch And Release

Let the power for your shot come from your legs as they are much stronger than your arms. Let your arms guide the basketball as you rise up and over your defender. Keeping your elbow in so that it forms an "L", release the ball from your fingertips, creating backspin on the ball. Focus on your shooting spot - either the back of the rim or just over the lip of the rim. After you have released the basketball you should keep your hand extended as if you are grabbing the rim. This will allow you to develop a consistent stroke on your jumper. Once you come back down to the floor, do your best to box out your man and grab an offensive rebound if possible.