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How To Shove It On A Skateboard

How To Shove It On A Skateboard

In less than three minutes Bryce Campbell, sponsored skateboarder can teach you how to Shove It on a skateboard. Bryce breaks down the steps to one of the most common tricks in skateboarding.

Hello. My name is Bryce Campbell, I'm a sponsored skateboarder, and I'm going to talk to you guys about how to Shove It on a skateboard. Now a Shove It is possibly the second trick you will learn on a skateboard after an Ollie but one of the easier and kind of quite fun and quite usable in a different variety of other tricks.

So looking at the board, lay down flat imagining that my toes were my finger tips,you'd be wanting to put pressure on to this part of the board. So the whole foot on here kind of, almost curling your toes around there. As you push down this is going to allow the board to scoot up with your body facing the same way, so your body, your shoulders, everything stay straight but the board turns in 180 motion and that would be a Shove It.

So if we look at it from foot on, so if we look at it the front foot goes on there, again, toe in this corner here, applying pressure on that toe, and as you pop, the board will turn around and come up like that and you'll land back on it. So if you can watch my feet will kind of move around there. Curling your toe inwards, pushing it down, and scooping it around with you.

And that's how you Pop Shove It. With a Pop Shove It you can either do it the way I just done it there, which would be a backside Pop Shove It or you can apply pressure to the opposite corner around the back of the board and that would become a front side Shove It. It can be done in different stances.

It can be done in Ollie. It can be done switch. It can be done fakey but these are all Shove Its and a good trick to start with because its the basis for a lot of other more technical tricks or rotational tricks.

And the would be how you do a Shove It.