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How To Shuffle Songs On Your iPod

How To Shuffle Songs On Your iPod

Learn how to shuffle songs on your iPod with the help of VideoJug's short tutorial. Get a variety of songs from the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Queen by using the shuffle function on your iPod. Get that maximum musical enjoyment!

Step 1: You will need


Step 2: Get To The Main Menu

Get To The Main Menu

If you aren't already on the Main Menu, keep pressing the Menu button on the top of the click wheel until you are there.

Step 3: Shuffle!

On the Settings screen, scroll down to Shuffle and click the center of the click wheel to make your selection.

Click once to shuffle songs, or twice to shuffle albums. Clicking three times will turn the shuffle feature off.

Step 4: Back to the Main Menu

After you have made your shuffle selection, press the Menu button to choose one of your play lists and enjoy your random rhythms.