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How To Silence An Alarm

How To Silence An Alarm

Silence An Alarm. Learn how to stop an alarm that has gone off accidentally and stay friends with your neighbours! This video teaches you an alternative method to silence your alarm manually.

Step 1: You will meed

Step 2: Start the car

Unlock the door. Turn on the ignition and try to start the car.
Starting the car will silence the alarm on many devices.
If this doesn't stop the alarm proceed with the next step
Open the doors manually.
You may not be able to open the doors with the central locking when the alarm is on. A faulty alarm system can activate the anti-theft system and immobilize the car completely. Try both driver's and passenger's doors. Put the key in the lock, turn, hold it for a few seconds and the alarm should stop. The doors will open normally afterwards.

Step 3: Switch off the alarm box manually

Open the bonnet and access the alarm unit.
Insert the alarm key into the alarm lock and turn it around. In some models turning the key will release a piston that by being unlocked will disconnect the alarm circuit and switch the alarm off.

If for some reason you do not have the key ready, proceed with the next step.

Step 4: Locate the correct fuse box

If the car has an alarm fitted by the car manufacturer, access the fuse panel in the car's interior which is usually situated below the steering wheel towards the driver's door.
Depending on the brand, many cars may have additional fuse boxes. It is not unusual to find three or more is inside the engine compartment.

Look for the fuse under the bonnet if the alarm system was installed after the car left the factory

The fuse is usually attached to the positive battery terminal with a wire.

Step 5: Locate the alarm fuse

Locate the fuse that has the alarm label. Consult the fuse diagram on the lid of the fuse box in order to find the fuse.
Note that a post-factory fitted alarm system will have an unlabelled fuse. You will nevertheless be able to determine the fuse by observing the following step

Step 6: Remove the alarm fuse

Pull the alarm fuse with the fuse puller that is often found in the fuse box or alternatively use a pair of tweezers, your fingers or two coins.
If no label is supplied, remove and replace fuses by trial and error elimination. If the alarm stays on after pulling out a fuse, put that fuse back in and try the next one until the alarm shuts off. This is nothing to worry about, as removing the wrong fuse won't damage electronic devices.

Step 7: Disconnect the battery

Before carrying out the disconnection, note that this step will effectively silence the alarm, however, it will also immobilize your car as you won't be able to start it. In order to protect your electronic settings and PIN codes, have a memory keeper ready. Take out the car's cigarette lighter from its socket and insert the memory keeper. Then simply disconnect the battery's negative terminal with a spanner as a last resort to stop the alarm.

Step 8: Reconnect the battery

Having achieved to silence the alarm temporarily go back to the manual and take your time to study all possibilities to switch it off properly. Consult a qualified service technician if the problem persists
With a properly shut off alarm you can connect the battery and get back on the road.
That is how you silence a car alarm the Videojug way.