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How To Sing Bass

How To Sing Bass

In this video, you're given the chance to hear a good bass voice and to learn the techniques to improve that quality of singing.

Hi, I'm Sonia Jones. I'm a professional singing teacher and I'm going to give you tips and advice on how to sing. Okay, this is how to sing bass.

Obviously, it depends on the range of the vocalist. But if you have a good bass voice, this is how to improve it. So, Abel is going to demonstrate this with me again.

Basically, we're using this placement coming into your body so the body takes all the work in the diaphragm, and we've got all this big area here for the note to vibrate. So, the lower we go, the more we need to pull it down to our body, okay. Bring it down.

And that's mentally quite challenging because singing is all up here. It's using your knowledge to where to put the notes. Just like on any other instrument, you have to know how to play the piano, you have to know the chords to play the guitar.

It's the same with your vocals. So, by putting your bass and pulling it down as far as you can, then that's how you get a better bass sound. .