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How To Sing Better By Listening To Great Singers

How To Sing Better By Listening To Great Singers

Follow these steps and learn to be a great singer by listening to great singers perform. All these tips from a professional singing teacher.

I'm going to talk to you today about how to learn by listening to other great singers. Nowadays, surrounded by resources like iTunes and Spotify, it's never been easier to hear to recordings by great singers. Probably the best resource out there is something like YouTube or another video site like that.

I mean, it's great if you can hear people but it's so much more useful if you can watch what they're doing as well. Then, you can observe how they're making that sound. First, a bit of light, I'd say, is listen critically.

It's very easy to sit back and listen to people you like but you can learn much more if you isolate what, in particular, they are doing that's useful that you can incorporate into your own singing. The second thing, I'd say, is look around. If there are singers you like, look at what else they've recorded.

Online sites like YouTube and MySpace usually have a drop down menu at the side with lists of other songs by the same artist. It'll give you lots of good ideas about what other songs you can learn, what else you can be singing. Look around.

You can learn so much. You may surprise yourself. The third thing, I'd say, is keep going to live performances.

Theatre tickets, opera tickets and the like can often seem horribly expensive but there are often some great deals to be had, particularly for young people. Don't try and copy somebody else. Never lose your own individuality as a singer.

That's your main selling point. With so many other recordings out there, it can be very easy to get expectations as to what a piece ought to sound like but the best singers out there really sound like themselves. You're never going to mistake Whitney Houston for somebody else or Placito Demingo for somebody else.

They're so individual. They're so distinct. Never lose that.

That's your selling point. That's what makes going to live performance enjoyable every single time. And there, you have a quick guide to how to learn by listening to great singers. .