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How To Sing Falsetto

How To Sing Falsetto

The falsetto is a breathy voice register produced by vibrations. The main thing here is control. Here, we have a singing tutor to teach you how to sing falsetto.

With falsetto, for male and female, it's using the head voice and a lot of people come to me and say, “Oh, we can't sing high,” and I say, “Ridiculous.” What it is, is that their singing from the throat. So, if I was singing, you can't really do it because it's rubbing the vocal cords, so you'd have to go controlling and it's placing it here so it's going around.

The voice is like an instrument. Like the piano's got a body, so have we. So, when we sing the lower notes, we go into here and here and then for the higher notes, we come in there and here.

We never try and sing from the throat. Okay. Now, there's no control there.

If you noticed, it went quite flat. So, you try it using the placement. Let's try higher.

So, obviously, the second example was much better than the first because singing from the throat is much too small and there's no air for the vocal cords to help to vibrate. So, by pushing it up to this placement here which is forward placement or what we call roof singing and head voice, you've got much more control because there's much more space for the note to vibrate. If you noticed when Abel was doing it, the tongue was very flat and it was a – you've got certain control.