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How To Sing Opera

How To Sing Opera

Opera music is a completely different genre. But this is where the basics of singing your the diaphragm and shaping your mouth are strictly applied. You can practice on singing opera with this video.

Now, with singing, of course, there are different styles. There's opera, there's soul, R&B, there's country, there's pop, rock, and basically, the technique is to sing using the diaphragm and knowing your voice placements. However, one thing that is quite difficult is the shape of your mouth, how you sing and I like to try and cover most singing lessons with the different styles.

Otherwise, you get bored on the same thing all the time. I use mirror work for this. It's a lot of practicing the shape of the mouth in the mirror to get the desired effect.

So, the first demonstration, opera – Abel is going to show how, with mirror work, you can really change the sound to the desired effect. So for opera, for example, your mouth shape would be “Oh” so you're bringing it forward but the sound is determined with the lips. So, would you like to try? And then if we do the scales – okay, thank you, Abel.

Of course, that's very basic. If you want to move on, it's best to learn some of the Italian songs and some of the opera pieces and you know, practice your technique with those pieces. .