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How To Sing Pop

How To Sing Pop

Almost everything on top of the charts is pop. But when it comes to singing pop, it still comes down to the basics plus a little more for a complete package.

Hi, I'm Sonia Jones. I'm a professional singing teacher and I'm going to give you tips and advice on how to sing. Now, pop.

Again, it's really important to get professional advice because it covers so many areas like R&B, dance, and of course, pop music itself and I've had quite a few examples of students coming to me thinking that they're the new Pussycat Dolls or they're R&B, and they really are out and out pop. So, I'm going to play you an example of what I call pop. Now, with pop singing, it's very important to get your vowel sounds right.

So, if you're singing, “Don't look now,” you have to bring it forward, always forward for a pop. Don't go “Don't look now” because that will be really sideways and it's called sideways singing. So, always think – put your finger in front of your mouth and pout, and that's the way to get the basic pop tone.

And with pop music, when I get calls from record companies and they're looking to put a pop girl bad together, it's important they want the look, able to dance and able to sing. So, it's quite a package to become a pop star, so try and get some dancing classes as well. Another thing, when you hear all these bands on the radio, girl bands and solo artists, and they just sound immaculate, believe in me, a lot of that is done in the recording studios.

A producer will have an assistant there which will tune every tiny inch of a vocal to make sure it's perfect and exactly the same timing for the bracing and make sure to bang on with the beat. They've even got machines to do that now so it aligns everything. So, a lot of work is done in the studio.

And that's basically how to start yourself a pop career. .