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How To Skate The Novice Foxtrot

How To Skate The Novice Foxtrot

As the name gives away, this dance is an easy dance to learn. However, when performed perfectly, it is a thing of elegance and rhythm. This is a good dance for beginners to learn and to enhance their skating technique and basic skills.

I'm going to guide you through how to skate the novice foxtrot. The novice foxtrot is the forward skating dance. The skater can actually perform this solo or with a partner and if they're skating with a partner, the hold they will be using is the killian hold.

This pattern dance is the easiest of all the dances and the steps include progressive runs and swings both ways, left and right. And that is all the dance consists of. The timing has to be in particular, the first step of the dance has to be on the correct bar of the music.

The runs and the swings will have to be performed to the long barrier to the centre line, to the centre line to the long barrier, so that they're actually being performed on circles. Now, we're going to see our skaters perform the novice foxtrot. And that's how to skate the novice foxtrot. .