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How To Sketch An Owl

How To Sketch An Owl

This video is a simple step-by-step process on how to draw an owl. Done by a professional artist, you will have an owl drawing in no time.

I'm going to show you how to draw an owl. And you will just need a pencil and rubber in order to do this. First of all, I'm going to draw a line, straight down, then I'm going to draw a line across.

Then, I'm going to bring that line out like this. Then, underneath that, at an angle, I'm going to draw an oval. Then, we're going to draw a line coming across and out and across here like this, a line here and another one here.

Now, this line will now become the ears. So, we draw a line down, and then just underneath here, we draw a circle. Now, you might need to spend a bit of time getting this right but on either side of that circle, we draw an arch.

This is going to become the top of the owl's eyes. So, from here, we want to draw a line that comes around and comes across our original oval at this point, but we use the back of our original oval and just meet it and create a point. And then, underneath here, we want to bring a line across here, and then from this point, we do another but it tapers towards the one we just created and then draw a line across and that's obviously going to become the owl's tail feathers.

And then, just here, you want to draw three lines that curl and you will see what those will become in a while, obviously, the feet or the claws. There's kind of an inner smaller wing we need to add so we start about here. Then, we come round and curl it up like this and then, down like this, so it tucks in just there.

Now, for the eyes, we got a circle, they got very big round large eyes that presumably help them hunt at night Then, we've got some little marks under the sides here. Now, we can actually draw in the beak properly because this wasn't a beak, this was just the underside part. So, we draw it in by doing a little semi-circle about here, then the beak comes down like this.

Right, next, we are going to add some detailing to the feathers, so we're going to come in here and add some downward shapes like this. I'm going to have him perching on something because we can't have him in mid-air like that. Okay, now, we can really add some details to the feathers to make them look less geometric, shade to the stomach area to make it look a little bit different, and maybe a little bit of tone to that.

And that's basically how to sketch an owl. .