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How To Skim A Room

How To Skim A Room

Learn how to properly skim a wall using this short, easy to follow guide. Following these steps will ensure your walls smooth, even and ready for painting. The video describes how to mix the plaster, apply the coats and gives a guide time for drying.

Step 1: Prepare the Room

Wet down the plastering table surface and tools before mixing. Keep the room well ventilated and allow dust to escape. Be sure to wear a mask. Don't take breaks during the job. Apply two coats of plaster, the 1st coat to even, the 2nd to finish.

Step 2: Apply the 1st Coat

Mix the plaster with clean water, at a 50:50 ratio. Always use clean water. Apply plaster with long, smooth strokes to keep plaster even. If he walls pull the plaster in, add water to moisten. Don't worry about air bubbles, they will be smothered out by the 2nd coat. Least 1st coat to dry for roughly 25 minutes, or until it has become tacky.

Step 3: Apply the 2nd Coat

Apply the second coat when first coat has dried a bit but is still damp. Trowel away excess plaster. Make sure all the walls have a smooth finish and cut in around all edges.

Step 4: Allow to Dry

Allow the plaster to dry naturally. This will take roughly 1-2 days in summer and 4-5 days in winter.