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How To Slip Stitch Crochet

How To Slip Stitch Crochet

A slip stitch is one of basic crochet stitches, and is used to join different bits of stitching together, or joining the first stitch to the last stitch if stitching in a circle. In this Videojug guide Bee Clinch, crochet tutor from Makedomenders, shows you how to do it.

You will Need

  • yarn
  • crochet hook


Start by making a foundation chain; you can make this into a circle by using a slip stitch.

Place the hook into the first chain, hook the yarn and pull it through the first chain and through the loop on the hook, thus joining the beginning of the chain to the end and creating a small loop.

You can also use a slip stitch at the end of a round of circular crochet to close the circle and join the last stitch to the first stitch.