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How To Smock

How To Smock

In this video, we meet Roz, the owner of a sewing shop called Sew Much Fun, who shows us how to smock using a couple simple stitching styles.

Hi, I'm Roz. I am the owner of Sew Much Fun, where I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing. Before you start the embroidery on your smocking, you have obviously got to make your smocking in the first place.

You can actually buy dresses all ready for smocking, and many people do. But if you do want to smock some fabric yourself, what you need to do is to do about 8 to 10 rows of stitches in and out as a regular basis on your fabric. Now we have used check fabric because it is much easier to see your lines and where you are going to sew.

So what we have done is a row where we cast on one end, stitched all the way along and then just left a thread so we can draw it up. So what I have done here is I have drawn it up. And this is about, believe it or not, 75 centimeters of fabric.

This is what, smocked up to about 15 centimeters, so you have to get an awful lot of fabric in order to get it nicely smocked. Then of course, what you want to do is to do some embroidery on the top to hold it all together. And there, again, just a few simple stitches to do this with but one of the easiest is you come up between a pleat, you go over two pleats, go across, and then you go under with your next thread, and again you are going over two pleats and through.

See that, but you are going to come over that pleat and that pleat and then we come under. And then the next one, I am going to put my thread underneath and I am going to come over that pleat and that pleat and then we are going to come in there. So this is a really nice holding stitch to keep my smocking nicely in place.

Now, there are obviously many many other stitches you can do in a smocking that creates lovely different designs. And I am going to show you one more one of those. Again, I am going to use a different kind of thread so you can see it.

Now what you do is you build up your design in the colors that you like to make. On this stitch, what we do is we are going to come down three checks, and we are going to come across, and then we are going to come across the two like that, then we are going to go up three checks. Let me just show you that again.

We are going to come down, than go across two, down three, and then you are going to come across two and just stay straight, and then you are going to come across two, and over three. So it is a sort of stitch that goes over and just that cross stitch. And you can keep this kind of pattern going with different shapes and colors that make your smocking.

I have to concentrate. And that's another little stitch. .