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How To Sneeze Without Spreading Disease

How To Sneeze Without Spreading Disease

Sneezing is one of the most common ways disease is spread from person to person. If everyone sneezed the correct way, fewer people would suffer from diseases such as the common cold and flu epidemics.

Step 1: Don't Be A Snot

If you are ill, it's important to carry tissues with you wherever you go so you don't infect others.

Step 2: Your Pivotal Moment

If you feel a sneeze coming on, turn yourself away from anyone near you.

Step 3: Cover Your Mouth

Cover your nose AND your mouth with your tissue. Infectious diseases are released from your mouth into the atmosphere just as they are from your nose.

Step 4: Don't Recycle

Once a tissue has been used, get rid of it immediately. If you prefer handkerchiefs, launder them after each use.

Step 5: Sneeze On Your Sleeve

Sneeze directly into the fabric of your shirt sleeve if you don't have a tissue handy.

Step 6: Be A Blowhard

When sneezing, it can be unhealthy to try and reduce the force of your sneeze. Let your sneeze come out full force.

Step 7: Wash Your Troubles Away

To fully reduce the chances of passing on an infectious disease, it's important to wash your hands after every sneeze.