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How To Speed Up Your PC

How To Speed Up Your PC

Is your PC running slowly? Before you spend a bunch of money on a new machine or a RAM upgrade, try a few simple steps that might speed up your PC for free.

Step 1: You will need

  • A PC
  • Microsoft's XP or
  • Windows Vista operating system

Step 2: Free Up Some Space

If you want to speed up your PC, the first step is to go to your Start menu and find the System Tools, group under the Accessories heading. Click on Disk Cleanup.

Check the files that you are sure you can delete and uncheck those you aren't so sure of.

Odds are you don't need the files in your Recycle Bin, or your temporary Internet files.

Click on the OK tab and your hard drive will have a little more room to move.

Step 3: Defrag It

Return to System Tools and run your disk defragmenter. Over time the information on your computer becomes scattered. The Defragger will organize the info and your computer will spend less time searching.

Click on “analyze” so you can see how long the process will take. Then click on “defragment” when you know you can leave your PC alone for a while. It could take a few minutes or several hours.

Step 4: Beware of Spies

Your Internet connection slows down when it's full of spyware. Even those sites that aren't malicious use up your resources as they collect information. So go to download.com and find a great spyware remover like AdAware. Download it, install it, and run it to get rid of those snoopy scripts.

Performing these simple steps once a month or so will help keep your PC running at warp speed…or at least give it a boost.