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How To Spot Signs Of A Pregnant Dog

How To Spot Signs Of A Pregnant Dog

This short film discussses the signs of a pregnant dog. But the best way to confirm it is to take your dog to the vet because she may be having a false pregnancy which has the same signs that you're probably noticing.

How to spot signs if your bitch may be pregnant? Gestation, the pregnancy period for bitches is 9 weeks, anything from 57 days up to 70 days and usually from about the third week, your vet can actually identify whether she may be pregnant by feeling her tummy. And to confirm that, they can also do an ultrasound scan and then about at the same time, sort of 3 weeks, her tummy may be getting slightly bigger and you might think, “Oh, she's losing her waist.” So, that's the perfect time to think, “Right.

I must take her down to the vet. See whether they can confirm that she's pregnant.” In the last 3 weeks, you might find that her mammary glands are getting much bigger.

They may even start producing milk. But that's still no guarantee because a bitch can have a false pregnancy or a phantom pregnancy and do the same thing. Once your vet has confirmed that she is pregnant, it's really good manners just to phone the stud dog owner and let her know that the bitch is pregnant and hopefully, after 9 weeks, she'll end up having a really healthy litter of puppies.

Unlike people, there isn't a simple urine test or blood test to determine whether she is pregnant. So, it's those little clues that might help you and actually taking her down to the vet to find out because hopefully they'll be able to confirm whether she is pregnant. So, to wrap that up, a bitch's pregnancy lasts classically 9 weeks.

At the third week, your vet should be able to have a feel to determine whether there may be puppies developing and to confirm that, may do an ultrasound scan. From about 45 days, they could also x-ray and you can see the skeletons developing because there is no simple blood or urine test like there is in people to determine whether a bitch may be pregnant. In the last 3 weeks, her mammary glands will start to get bigger.

Sometimes, she'll even start to produce milk. But just remember, bitches do suffer from false pregnancies or phantom pregnancies and they can do the same thing. But hopefully, you've had it confirmed by your vet and by the ninth week, she'll be going in to deliver her puppies and hopefully, you'll have a really healthy litter. .