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How To Spot The First Signs Of Pregnancy

How To Spot The First Signs Of Pregnancy

VideoJug shows you which symptoms and changes to look out for in your body during the early stages of pregnancy.

Conception and pregnancy lead to huge hormonal changes in the body. Hormones go into overdrive and for some women, these changes are very subtle but for some women, they are not so subtle. So what changes can you expect to occur? Changes in your breast tissue - your breasts become much more sensitive, with the nipple becoming extremely sensitive and veins in the breast tissue itself - all around the breast tissue becoming more prominent.

Hormonal changes can leave your nipples very, very tender and tingly, very, very sensitive and the veins in the mammary glands becoming more prominent so you may have blue veins prominent, visible around your breast as pregnancy progresses, your breasts may become larger and swollen and tender all over. As the embryo implants in the uterus, you may have slight bleeding or cramping at this period - when it is implanting. You may need to go to the toilet more frequently as the bladder sits onto the uterus and the uterus may exert a little bit more pressure on it.

Some more pressure on the bladder from the uterus may make you want to pass urine more frequently. With the hormonal changes, your sense of smell may be heightened. This may make you more aware of smells around you - a little bit of nausea and vomiting is also not uncommon at this stage.

Your basal metabolic rate may increase at this time as cells are multiplying at a phenominal rate in the uterus. However, you may increase your calorie intake or you may find, with the nausea, you are not able to eat any more, you may also find yourself extremely tired and be wondering why, but this is because of the rate of cell division going on in your body at this point. The ligaments of your body may also start to soften at this stage - You may be aware of this or you may not, and this is to allow for the process of the growing baby inside of you.

Some women experience no symptoms at all and have to wait until they have missed a period and had a positive pregnancy test to know they are pregnant. And that's how to spot the first signs of pregnancy. .