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How To Spray Tan

How To Spray Tan

How to spray tan - This videojug film shows how to properly apply a fake tan, whether it be for yourself or a client. It lists the do's and dont's of spraying a tan over your body so get it right.

Hi, my name's Abigail Oleck and I am the founder of Beaubronz and spray tan to the stars. And now, I'm going to share with you my top tanning tips. Okay, now we're going to talk about actually doing a spray tan and the most important thing before you do a spray tan is to prepare the body.

Now, when you're having a spray tan, you're using a product that's got DHA in it, that's your self-tanning agent and is naturally quite drying. So what we want to do for the skin first of all is we want to hydrate the skin. We also want to make sure the skin is exfoliated.

So by that, I mean we don't want any dead skin cells on the skin because if you've got dead skin cells on the skin and you apply fake tan, then the fake tan is going to come off patchy. So I'll show you how you do that. We're using a product here that is organic Aloe Vera and fruit acids.

So you've got organic Aloe Vera that's going to hydrate the skin and the fruit acids are just going to release those dead skin cells and with my buffing mitt, I'm just going to buff them away. We're spraying organic Aloe Vera first with the fruit acids; it removes any perfumes, deodorants and body oils. Now that it's had a chance just to settle into the skin, I'm going to take my buffing mitt and I'm just going to buff lightly any dead skin cells away.

So then we're going to have very clean, super-soft hydrated skin that's completely prepared for tanning. Okay, so I've just finished exfoliating the whole body, so the whole body is now hydrated and exfoliated, and I'm going to apply that to my air gun and turn on the compressor. Basically when you're applying a spray tan, you want to be about seven to ten inches away from the body.

And you want to make sure that you do lots and lots of light mists. You don't want to be too heavy on the skin because you don't want any drips. So, I'll show you what I mean by that.

It's going to have lots and lots of fine mists going over the body two or three times and what that's going to, it's going to make sure the body is not too sticky because you do not want to have any stickiness or any drips of your stain tan. You just want a light, gentle mist of the product and you want to go over the skin three or four times and that will give you a wonderfully even tan. Now as with all DHA products, DHA stops developing after 8 hours, so this spray tan is going to take eight hours to fully develop to its color.

Okay, so we've just applied a whole body spray tan. Now as I mentioned before, DHA is naturally quite drying, so what you want to do after you've applied a spray tan is add a moisture lock. What I'm going to do now is add a glycerine spray that's basically going to lock in the product.

It's going to lock in at least ninety five percent of that spray tan. So basically, it's not going to come off on your client's clothes. Also it's going to make the skin super-soft.

Now with this lock in product, we're going to do just a light gentle mist, a light dusting of moisture. We just put that over the whole body and your client's now being exfoliated, they've been spray tanned and they've been locked in. So it really is an all-round treatment and they're going to be gorgeously bronzed and feeling lovely. .