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How To Stain Wood

How To Stain Wood

Do you want to update the look of that tired old piece of wooden furniture? How about that unfinished wooden unit from IKEA? Not sure how to go about it? It's easier than you think. Have a look at how the professionals do it. Steve Evans from Specialist Decorating Ltd demonstrates how to apply wood stain to timber to get a professional finish every time.

I'm now going to show you how to stain wood. What you'll need is some rag, some wood dye, some white spirits, and a brush and a paint kettle to put some stain in. The first method I'm going to show you is with a rag.

Firstly, put the rag over the top making sure you've got some stain on that. Firstly, one thing I will say, every bit of timber's different so you don't know how the stain is going to look. If you're worried about how it's going to look, before you actually put it on the face of the wood, turn it over and put a little bit on the back and just have a look and see what it looks like.

Wipe it on, leave it a few seconds, have a look. If you're happy with the color, then you can carry on with the face. Brush along the grain in one line, keeping it as neat as you can, not too much.

Using the rag is actually quite good because it only absorbs a certain amount and you'll see that it does go a very long way. Leave the stain on for a few minutes, let it absorb into the timber. Sometimes, it will draw in more than other timbers.

You may need two coats. So, let it dry off for a while, have a look. If you think it needs to be darker, add some more.

If you've got a large area to do, it's quite a good idea to use a brush, same sort of method. Put some stain on your brush, not too much, not so it's pouring off your brush. Brush it on, along the grain.

This is a much quicker way of doing this. If you've got a small job, a piece of rag is just as good. Same again, let it soak in for a while.

And after it's soaked in, get your bit of rag, just wipe it, all the excess off. Leave it for a while, let it dry. If you want it darker, you can then repeat the process.

And that's how to stain wood. .