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How To Start A Blog And Make Money

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

In this video, Kyle expertly guides us on the types of blogs available and how to make it more interesting, in turn attracting the crowd, and finally talks a good deal on how to make money with your blog.

So, today, we are going to talk about how to start a blog and how to make money. Let us start with conceptualizing the theory. We are going to talk about how to start the blog first, once we are through talking about it, then we will move into how you make money from doing it.

So start your blog. First thing is, what is the blog you are going to write, what is your subject area, whether you have knowledge, expertise value to add, that you can create blog out of? Some of the technical skills that you are going to need is to know if you are going to self-host this blog which generally I recommend, because then, you own it, versus a hosted blog somewhere else like Wordpress or Blogger where you are using their platform to create their blog and then technically, they own it. We recommend having a self-hosted blog.

In order to self-host, you are going to pick a domain name www dot blahblahblah dot com or co.uk or org or biz, whatever is relevant to the domain you get. Pick a domain name that is really relevant to the business and also for the words that people are likely to search on, rather than generic brand name kind of a thing.

One of the blogs I know and often recall is incomediary dot com, it is very clear about what it is about. You are going to need a hosting company and you are going to need a service that hosts your blog online where actually all the firewall is set, the internet and the search engines find. Once you are past the technical setup, you need a blogging platform.

I personally recommend Wordpress. I think it is the best one out there. I think there are other options.

Typepad is another one, Blogger that is mostly kind of online hosted rather than self-hosted, suit your platform. And then, once this whole setup is up and running, then you are going to write. Write stuff that is interesting.

You need to have a bit of a take on it, may be edgy or controversial to create interest. It is like you are adding value to your audience, not just writing to sell and essentially that is what they're actually looking to do, looking to blog in their way, create interest in readership and could provide that unused things like what could search engine optimization properly do such that it gets out there into the internet, into the web universe and people are able to find it and come to your blog. So, that is the first section on how to get started and start writing.

Once you build your blog, then you are going to start to look at how do you take the call and monetize it. How to make money from your blog. There are many, many ways to do that; we cannot talk all of it right now.

We will focus on the couple of the core ones. The first one, you are going to use it to promote your own products or services. And the second way is then use it to promote other people's products and services which you will then own a commission on, and often called affiliate marketing or joint venture marketing.

So if you are going to use to market your own products or services, then content on your blog should really be adding value within those specific areas that your products or services relate to. And the other thing that is really crucial to do, is then start to build a list so that you can have the traffic and users who come to read your blog posts. What you can then do is offer them other interesting material that may be they have to part with their name and email address to get access to it as it is a bit more in-depth, bit more interesting than you would be writing on your general blog.

That way, you start to build a list, and that list is your very valuable resource, that is your asset in your business where you are looking to market your own material to other people. So, both cases form absolutely crucial part, looking to create the list and find creative ways to market that adding value and promoting your own products or someone else's products or services. If you are intent on it, that is where you h