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How To Start A Modeling Agency

How To Start A Modeling Agency

Renee Barca, a worker at the IMM modeling agency gives a step-by-step process on how to do this.

Hi, my name is Renee Barca. I work at IMM model agency; I'm going to speak to you on how the modeling industry works. I am going to explain to you how to start a modeling agency.

To start open a modeling agency you need to have some sort of idea or knowledge about the modeling world. Obviously, you can go into it blinded but it will be a lot harder for you. I say this because as a modeling agent, networking is the most important thing in this job.

If you go into it not knowing anything about the industry, you could be starting off for a very long time trying to gain those contacts and network and that obviously takes a lot of time before you're actually up and running. A lot of models open up their own agency after they have finished modeling. This is a great idea because obviously, they know a lot about the industry and they know certain people but obviously, businessmen can start agencies too, they just need to know how to get the contacts.

The best way to get the contacts is to basically call, call as many people as possible. It's quite time consuming but obviously it pays off in the end. How I usually do it is that I look up online all the different clients that I think would suit my models, for example at IMM, we do a lot of lingerie modeling, therefore I will look up all the different lingerie companies that are available and literally call, call and call, call and call, call.

Once you get the name of the person who hires the models, then this is how you go about starting marketing. Marketing is very important in the modeling agency world, otherwise how would people know you exist. Things like E-marketing is one of the best ways to go these days because everybody looks at their computer.

Also another way to do it is to have company cards that you can dish out at certain events, that way, your name will always be brought up in people's minds when they think of the different modeling agencies. What you want to achieve is that when somebody needs a model, the first thing they think of is you, therefore marketing is the most important thing in starting a modeling agency. The tools that you need to start a modeling agency are quite limited, all you need is a computer, the internet and the telephone.

These three things are the most important things because obviously, this is how you communicate with the model and to your clients. The models would need to have a lot of models on rebirths before you can even go to clients, so probably the best thing to do at start is to have a long collection of models. The best way to go out and get models is you can either scout or just advertise that you are looking for new models and get people to apply directly to you.

When you do establish what sort of agency you want to be, if you want to be a fashion agency, then obviously, you will need fashion models, if you want to be a commercial agency, you need commercial looking models, therefore when people apply to you for the sort of modeling they want to do, you need to make sure that they fit your regime of what you are trying to achieve. As a modeling agent, you make your money based on commission. How you get this commission is that, based on the fee that you charge the client, you always charge an extra twenty percent this is the agency fee.

Once you got the model a job, then they pay you twenty percent (20%) of what you gave them, therefore you earn the money through that. For example if you have a job which is worth two hundred and fifty pounds, you quote like two hundred and fifty pounds, plus twenty percent (20%) agency booking fee, this works out to two hundred and eighty pounds in total; therefore you've earned thirty pounds from the client. The two hundred and fifty (250) goes directly to the model and then you take twenty percent (20%) of the model for finding them the job; therefore another thirty pounds, so from the two hundred and fifty pounds booking, you've earned sixty pounds.

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