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How To Start An Autobiography

How To Start An Autobiography

If you aspire to writing your own autobiography, here are some very useful tips for you.

I have been a professional writer for about 25 years and I am the author of these 2 books. Your writing coach and your creative writing master class and today I am going to share some writing tips with you. Lots of celebrities write their autobiographies, but may be you are thinking about writing your own and indeed you should and I am going to give you some tips to make it easy because it may be intimidating at first to think about writing a whole book about your life, but here are some ways you can do it easily.

First of all, make what I call a memory box, this can actually be a physical box or can be a folder on your computer,its where you are going to put notes about things that you remember about your life. So, just as you are going through your ordinary day, let say you go shopping, that may remind you of a time when you were a child you have been shopping with your parents or something like that. Write your own note card and drop it into the box or write in on the computer if that is what you prefer to do and just keep doing that to build quite a few of these notes and then start sorting them out, put them together in time periods, so the ones about early childhood can go in one side and then next could be the things about your teenage years and so on and that way you have lots of memories to draw upon and you will find it provoke other memories that you can then fill in with, that's a really easy way to get all the information together.

Now, as far as the format that you want to use, of course you can write it as a book like this, but also you can make audio tapes, you can make video, you can use any format you want that you are comfortable with. So, if you don't like to write that much, there is still a way to create your autobiography without doing very much writing, whichever way you do, it will be a great record for you to show to your grandchildren and may be even other people if eventually you decide to publish it. So just to summarize, you don't have to do it all at once, get a memory box, everyday put some notes together about things you remember about your life, organize them into a time period, and then put them together and use whatever format you like to use and that's how to write your autobiography.