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How To Start Breeding Mice

How To Start Breeding Mice

In this VideoJug film, Tasha from Jumanji Pets gives her expert tips on how to prepare your mice for breeding. This film tells you how to select mice that are in the best condition to breed and offers advice on how to nurture and protect the mother and baby mice.

How to start breeding your mice. Now, ask yourself a question, why do you want to breed your mice? There are plenty of mice being bred as it is by breeders, pet shops and there's enough in rescue homes. Make sure before you even think about breeding the mice, you have homes for babies already.

Before you choose your pair, make sure they've come from two different homes. Therefore, you have no chance of interbreeding. Make sure they're of a similar age, at least six months to a year before they start.

They can start breeding from a very early age. This can affect them physically and mentally. So you do want to make sure the mice are at a decent age before you start.

Make sure the female mouse is nice and tame as you may find she may become aggressive when pregnant. Obviously, the key elements to start breeding mice, you need a male and a female mouse. Make sure the cage is big enough and obviously that the bars are really small.

Mice can squeeze through almost any small gaps so you want to make sure the parents can't escape, let alone the babies. You really need to make sure those holes are very small. Make sure you know the breed of your mice.

There are so many breeds you can choose from. Definitely advisable to keep the breeds together, don't try and mix the breeds up. You could be causing health problems.

Make sure you know where the mice have come from. You know their backgrounds so you can't pass on any of these health problems. Make sure you do know where these mice come from so you're not passing on any health problems.

So, keep that cage nice and clean. Once your female is pregnant, you'll normally see bulges around her tummy area. Remove the male as the female can get aggressive and you wouldn't want them to harm each other.

Make sure you do not touch those babies too early. Make sure their eyes are open and they're running around before you even think to touch them. If you do touch the babies too young, the mum will sense a new smell on the babies and you could be risking the lives of the new babies.

Make sure you've done enough research and you're 100% sure you want to breed these mice. Make sure you know everything there is to know before you start. It is a lovely experience but as I've said before, you need to make sure these have homes first.

Never let your mice into the wild. They've been brought up socialized with humans and the chances are they won't survive in the wild. As with anything when it comes to animals, always consult your pet store or your local vet.

So, that's how to start breeding mice. I'm sure you've got plenty more questions, either contact your local vet or give us a call in the store. .