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How To Start Breeding Rats

How To Start Breeding Rats

In this VideoJug film, Tasha from Jumanji pets gives you her expert tips on how to prepare your pet rat for breeding. Tasha outlines the steps you need to take to make sure your pet rat produces a healthy litter of babies. JUMANJI PETS A LONDON BASED PET STORE 0207 372 5693

How to breed your pet rat. Now first of all, ask yourself the question, why are you breeding your rats? There are so many in rescue homes, there are lots in pet stores. There's enough people breeding them.

So unless you have homes for these rats, it's advisable you don't breed them. Rats are really intelligent animals, really fun, really quirky. You should give them a lot of exercise.

And there is a big responsibility in keeping them. Make sure before you start breeding, you've done plenty of research. You want to know as much as possible before you even start.

Obviously, the two key elements to breed your rats is a male and female rat. After about the age of six months to a year, you can put them together and they will start to breed. You won't need to do anything different from your daily routine.

Just make sure they have plenty of food and water, fresh fruit and veg three to four times a week and obviously, a clean cage. Nature must take its course once you put the male and female together. It's advisable you do remove the male.

The female can become quite aggressive when she's pregnant. So you want to keep the male and female well away from each other, just in case they do fight. Also, the male can confuse the babies as food so you really want to prevent that from happening.

In a litter of rats, they can produce up to one to ten or even more in their litter. So, breeding rats can be quite costly. So you really want to make sure you've found the homes first.

You know how much it's going to cost you. Make sure when mum is pregnant, you give her plenty of protein as she will be using a lot of essential minerals, vitamins, calcium to produce those babies, and to produce their milk. Make sure before you do put two rats together, you know their history.

So just in case they may have any health issues or any health problems that you may be passing down to the babies, so you want to make sure that they've got a nice clean history and they've come from a good home. Research as much as you can before you start. Any queries or any questions you need to ask, go to your local pet store or consult your vet.

So, that's how to start breeding your rats. I'm sure you've got plenty more questions, either contact your local vet or give us a call in the store.